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Artistic boudoir photos Denver Colorado studio

The images lives in my mind as though it were yesterday. A little girl giggling as you hunted for Easter eggs in the garden. Chasing after your floppy-eared puppy. Planting seeds in your own garden and watching it grow into a chaos of colors. A cascade of blonde girls, your dimpled cheeks, and china blue eyes… so innocent, so perfect. And how we shared so much laughter and so many tears of joy. Through the lens of an outdoor Denver boudoir photographer, your pictures transformed magical moments into forever memories. From a curious child to an energetic teenager, curious about the world and determined to find your path, and then to a lovely young woman bubbling with the passion of her dreams… you became a mirror of my love and shone your light on everyone you met. And even though your journey took you far, even though you smiled at me from the dawn of a different destination, every photo brought me into those special moments. Wherever you are, you live in my heart. I see your face wherever I go, and every giggle I hear, every glimpse of cornflower hair, reminds me of you. Travel well, my beautiful child.

Black and white boudoir creative musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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