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Black white boudoir images Denver photographers

The darkly sensual wanderings of a Denver boudoir photographer takes us on a journey into the lingering embrace of the night. Where will the path lead us after the sun sets? To a place where conversations are whispered in the shadow of alleys? Past the steamed windows of parked cars, or the voyeur hiding beneath the trees peeking through partially closed drapes? I saw you standing under the bloody glow of lights on a dark side street. My lens eagerly captured your image as it morphed from a woman to sleek black cat appraising me with your scornful feline eyes. You arch your back, fur glistening like polished ebony, winding around the lamp post. How I want to run my fingers through that softness, feel the suppleness of your lithe body. Purring coyly, you invite me to follow you into your lair. I am helpless to resist, snared by the message in your glance. Inside, a place of artful seduction… soft curves of black and white, fur and silk, the flickering eyes of candlelight. Your pour us golden wine, flick at the rim with your pink tongue. What a picture inflames my imagination… cat and mouse, predator and prey.

Creative musings on bridal boudoir photography by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), bridal boudoir (26).

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