Black and white intimate photography in Denver Colorado
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Black and white intimate photography in Denver Colorado

Hello, little girl. Where are you? Where did you go? Are you lost in your dreams, adrift with your thoughts on a gently bobbing sea? Oblivious to my lens, you are so comfortable in my boudoir, a cozy nest far removed from the bustle of the world. I click away, capturing photos, precious moments as fleeting as a sigh. You are a picture of gentle femininity, an image so soft, so wistful, like the mournful cry of a dove. Your silken hair tumbles down the seashore of your shoulders, caressing your arms like phantom fingers. Layers twirl, framing an expression caught in the canvas of your expression. I wish I could decipher the meaning of your shy smile. I long to feel the gossamer silk of your skin. Oh, sylph, will you finally raised your lovely eyes toward me? Will you cast a spell of magic, a whisper of enchantment? Will I dance on currents of air to be swept away to a distant realm? Withe bated breath I patiently wait. My footsteps are silent. My gaze is my voice, my fingers poised. I cannot disturb the mood, yet my eyes constantly flit toward her. So many curious butterflies teasing her with gossamer wings.

Creative boudoir photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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