Bridal boudoir Denver photographer lazy Sunday
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Bridal boudoir Denver photographer lazy Sunday

I see her every evening as I trek into the liquid darkness of the Colorado mountains. The night is the playground for this Denver boudoir photographer, the camera lens my eye into the universe. Turning my face to ebony skies aglitter with a spray of crushed diamonds, I wait with growing anticipation. Minutes pass, and then, rising on the horizon like a mystical goddess, the shimmering swathe of the Milky Way casts her veil upon me. Undulating in gossamer ribbons of white and pearly blues and violets, the wing of the galaxy arches above the Earth in celestial bow. I stare raptly, my fingers clicking in a feeding frenzy, I am desperate to capture the images of the birth place of the stars, of glowing hot-white nursery clusters. How I long to drift among your solar winds and explore your jealousy-guarded secrets. My imagination runs amok as I envision mysterious worlds. I listen closely to your heartbeat and the serenade of distant pulsars. If only I could understand your language. If only I could have one more glimpse… if only I could fall into your infinite embrace… but I simply point my camera and take pictures until my eyes are bedazzled by your brilliance.

Creative boudoir portrait musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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