Bridal boudoir gorgeous bride Denver Colorado
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Bridal boudoir gorgeous bride Denver Colorado

Aphrodite in the flesh, so pristine, so pure, so distant. A snow queen in all her ice-white splendor, your image enthralls us. We gaze upon your alabaster perfection, your pearlescent limbs draped in the finest silk. Weave your seductive cobweb, fill our minds with a picture wrapped in a sheer veiled mist. In your boudoir, fantasy reigns. And we are your humble subjects, gazing at a goddess in the flesh, her devoted subjects paying homage. Your body rolls like the tide, soft, fluid, beckoning us to lose ourselves in your limpid depths. We long to touch you, to taste the icing-sugar of your skin. What awaits us after we part the curtain? Can we embrace you like the gauzy light that engulfs you like a lover’s arms? Can we gaze upon a face borne of fever dreams and fantasy? You are the living, breathing epitome of womanhood, of quintessential femininity. Every curve, every contour is art in motion. Will she deign us with a glance? We can only long to swim in the ocean of her eyes. Will her hand stray toward us, tempting us with a fleeting touch? Or are we merely unworthy shadows in her presence?

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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