Bridal boudoir photography Colorado Rocky Mountains
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Bridal boudoir photography Colorado Rocky Mountains

A picture perfect bride, the image of wistful contemplation in a boudoir photo. Veiled in the sheer fabric of innocence, she gazes at her future through a mental crystal ball. Light caresses her face like the hands of a loving mother. It stains her skin with a luminous glow. It whispers precious secrets in her mind and heart. What do her eyes see on the horizon? What view awaits her beyond the window that frames her? Her body is a pristine snowy canvas against the passionate red of the bed covers… a symbol, perhaps of the virginal spilling of blood on her wedding night. Yet there is passion in her dark eyes, passion displayed in the messages of the tattoos boldly proclaimed on the curves of her shoulder, hips, boldly displayed like badges on her arms. Passion in the belly piercing that hints of a free spirit. She is fire and ice, promise and seduction, a woman spellbound by the traditions of the past and the rebellious spirit of the future. Her wedding will be more than a bonding of lives, it will the binding of hearts and minds. A partnership of the soul. A journey of one life commingled into two.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Estes Park, Colorado.

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