An Edgy Boudoir Photograph at Rise Studio in Denver
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An Edgy Boudoir Photograph at Rise Studio in Denver

Celebrating the Future Bride with Intimate Photography

This bride to be has been working her tail off in the run up to her wedding. She looks so absolutely amazing, strong, and sexy. Job well done - got get him girl!

Creative writing to describe the boudoir pic by Diana Kemp ... Stretched out like an exotic Persian cat, I lounge on my girly bed, a pampered princess, a glamorous diva totally ruling her domain. Today, I deign to notice the Colorado indoor boudoir photographer loitering in the corner. Flipping my head, I stretch provocatively and cast an assessing eye toward her. What do you want of me, human? What does your camera lens hope to capture? I am sleek and elegant, a study in fluid sensuality. I utter a delicate purr and hearts melt. I offer my silken fur to be touched and groomed, but only when the mood suits me. I am a goddess, once worshiped by the Egyptians, idolized, deified. You grovel for my attention, you utter nonsensical words and prostrate yourself before me. You even try to buy my favor with treats and indulgences. But I must decide… are you worthy of my attention? Will I allow your eager touch? Perhaps I will acknowledge you. I may even strike a pose, stretch my limbs and offer you a glimpse of my beauty. You can look… and maybe you can even touch… if that is what I decide. For now, I hold court, and you, my devoted subject, may gaze upon me…

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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