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Sexy Boudoir Pics Every Man Will Love

Boudoir Photography in Denver

While the choice of a sexy outfit and a provocative pose capture interest in this photo, it's the intense stare of a beautiful brunette make this image special. This photograph is part of a larger boudoir collection that a young bride to be gave to her future husband.

A few creative muses on boudoir ... Today I declare my independence! Today, I proclaim my power as a woman. A survivor of the years, a conqueror of glass ceilings and negative relationships, I sever myself from the toxicity of other people and situations. I step away from the chains and detritus of shipwrecks and will frolic like a dolphin in a crystalline ocean. Today I’m rejoicing in my femininity. Today, I’ve chosen to celebrate my beauty free from the stereotypical expectations of society. I raise my face and laugh, express the joy of being alive… of being me. At last! Indoor Denver boudoir photography allows me that freedom of expression, a medium through which I can portray my true image. My voice speaks from every picture, my emotions create a symphony of images. I’m once again a child…uninhibited, natural, at ease with myself and my body. I owe no one explanations, I revel in the simple joy of being myself, being me. My smile is my affirmation. I have conquered my own Everest, scaled its dizzying heights without a sherpa. Now I stand at the summit, gazing at the curvature of the Earth, surveying the world I have claimed as my own, and now I gaze even higher at the stars above…

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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