A Stunning Boudoir Photograph with a Lovely Composition
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A Stunning Boudoir Photograph with a Lovely Composition

I am the frozen wilderness of a vast arctic land. Crowned by wind-sculpted glaciers, my crystalline tiara soars into the bitter blue sky. The watery winter sun bleeds pale, anaemic light upon my forbidding domain. Whitecaps frost my bitter oceans, whittling away regattas of icebergs. Tread carefully across my frosty skin, indoor Denver boudoir photographer, for hidden crevasses await to sweep you into the abyss. I know what your lens seeks in my forever white world… the secret diamond caverns glinting with ethereal light… the magical image of dripping stalactites and electric blue caves descending twisting into my infinite heart. The wind blows a mournful dirge as you hike across my shores to the serenade of the thundering surf. Veiled by my glittering spray, you can never survive my deathly embrace. My fingers caress you with the touch of icicles, my breath flushes your skin. My love is numbing, unforgiving. I am heaven to behold, but hell for the unheeding, the bold, the careless. Yet you are relentless. Your camera attempts to capture my untamed spirit in pictures. If I bestow you this gift, what will you give me in return? A memory to keep me company beneath the aurora borealis’ dancing glow?

Boudoir photo shoot creative musings by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Denver, Colorado.

Keywords: bridal boudoir (26), rise studio (33).

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