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Chelsea Magness engagement photographs ice castle

Chelsea Magness Engagement Photography

I followed them through a frozen fairyland of sculpted blue, a forest of magical shapes embraced by an ethereal glow. For a Colorado wedding photographer, the journey of hearts leads down many roads. Despite the chilly air and the snow crunching beneath my feet, I felt the warmth of their love caress me like the gentle glow of a crackling fireplace. It emanated from them as though I watched the sun illuminate the morning sky. My lens captured images beyond mere pictures, but a vibration as ancient as the enchanted ice garden, as eternal as the frozen monument to ages long past. But born in this place of the midnight sun and a sky crusted with diamante constellations, two new stars blaze from the ebony sky. I pause to raise my head. No longer feeling the cold, oblivious to my breath emerging in white puffs, I gazed at the simple perfection before me… timeless, eternal, withstanding the forces that shape life on this world, and possibly others… Is that the meaning of love? As powerful as the universe, without boundaries? An essence in tune with each heartbeat? And then I saw the answer in their eyes, and the smiles they had only for each other…

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Location: 120 Buffalo St. Dillon, Colorado.

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