Chelsea Magness engagement photos Sapphire Point
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Chelsea Magness engagement photos Sapphire Point

Chelsea Magness Engagement Photo Shoot

When I look into your eyes, I see a future that extends beyond the brilliant blue dome of the sky. I see a journey brighter than the sun shining on a frosty winter morning. Hand-in-hand, our hearts and shadows joined as one, we gaze toward a dazzling horizon of tomorrows. The snowy carpet around us reflects countless diamond flashes, and in the wintry hush, the trees exude the hypnotic scent of pine. Chilly air flushes our cheeks and nips at our ears, but our hearts are warm from the passion burning deep within us. Captured through the lens of the Denver outdoor engagement photographer, the images of our love will be forever etched as eternally as the soaring mountains around us. In this perfect moment, time crystalizes into a single kiss, the touch of your hand, the whisper of your voice. Who was I before you came into my life? Who will I become, as I imagine the joys that every breath with you will bring? Days together to turn into years and so many precious memories. So now let’s turn and face the west. Let’s run toward the edge of the cliff, flap our wings, and fly… away… together… forever…

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Location: Co Rd 1 Dillon, Colorado.

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