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Missy Franklin engagement photos Denver Colorado

Missy Franklin Celebrity Photography

This photograph may be one of my favorite from Missy Franklin's engagement shoot. I took other photos during the engagement session that one could argue are better, but I really love this one. Why? It's no secret that Missy Franklin is a 5-time Olympic gold medal winner. I've worked with several celebrities over the years and I often find that it's hard to connect with them. I'm certainly not knocking anyone's personality, but many celebrities develop a wall over time to protect themselves from the outside world.

This photograph really illustrates how real and down to earth Missy is. I did not ask her fiancé Hayes to pick her up like this. What you see in this photo is spontaneously them being them. They are a young couple in love with not a care in the world and I am so grateful I was able to capture that moment on film.

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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