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On the wedding day, it cannot be denied that attention is usually focused on the bride. Everyone waits for the moment she finally shows up to everyone, looking like a queen on her wedding dress. All of us are curious about her hair and makeup, her shoes, and her final bridal look.

Seldom does a groom get even half of the attention given to the bride, and he does not mind that at all. Because in their wedding, the groom also waits in excitement for the love of his life to look her best as she walks down the aisle to him. At the end of the day, he is the winner because he gets this gorgeous woman’s I do.

This photo is exceptional because the wedding photographer shifts the focus from the bride to the groom. In this picture, the groom obviously looks glammed up for that most awaited moment. He wears sunglasses but his excitement and anticipation cannot be hidden.

Looking at the mirror, he must be telling himself that this is the day he finally says goodbye to being a bachelor. He realizes he’s finally entering the married life, with all its excitements and ups and downs. He seems to be convinced though that it will be all worth it.

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Santa Barbara Wedding Photography: I rounded out my 2014 wedding season with a very special wedding on October 4th - a destination wedding (for me) in the place where my photography career began- beautiful Santa Barbara! Not only that, but the bride, Valeska, is one of my very nearest and dearest friends, who I met in my years in CA over 10 years ago now…

It was 2001- I had just started photography school at the Brooks Institute of Photography; Valeska had just moved to Santa Barbara from Germany with her boyfriend, Jonas, who was also attending Brooks. Jonas and I had classes together and became friends and I first met Valeska through him. Valeska and I quickly became buddies and started taking walks on the beach together with Cheyenne. Valeska was my favorite go-to model at the time whenever I needed someone to help me with a school project. It turned out we also had another friend/couple in common and our history would keep us connected over the years. My old boss turned BFF knew Valeska too and between the two of them, I have been returning to Santa Barbara every year since I left. The first time I met Nelson, I instantly loved him! He is funny and talented and sweet and smart and warm and silly…I could go on… but really it’s all just to say that I knew right away that Valeska had found her #1 man.

Their wedding ceremony and reception were hosted at Orella Ranch on a beautiful, (albeit, hot!), day where a family from Germany and a family from Alaska came together on the mountain top to celebrate the union of their common thread. My incredibly talented friend, Jessica Van Pelt, drove up from San Diego to photograph with me (THANK YOU JESS!!!!!) and we had an amazing time and were able to capture some of the most beautiful moments.

I am so honored that Valeska and Nelson wanted me to be the one to capture this day for them, but also that I was able to be a guest at their celebration! I love my job, I love my friends, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this for the world. Valeska, I love you sweetie! Nelson, I’m so happy that you and Valeska have found each other and I look forward to getting to know you for many, many years to come. I wish you both a lifetime of love, adventure, and laughter together… MUWAH! XOXO

Location: 12750 Calle Real Goleta, California.

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