Adventurous sexy woman outdoor boudoir photography
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Adventurous sexy woman outdoor boudoir photography

You moved through the Colorado forest like a doe… tawny-skilled beauty at one with her lush green domain. Supple limbs lead me on a chase across the mossy ground. You spring effortlessly over logs and gurgling streams, bound along with fluid grace. Outdoor in your sun-dappled boudoir, your body is a visual symphony, a picture to tease the eye and fill the mind with sensual images. Does the brisk fragrance of pine invigorate you? Does the sun’s warm caress feel like the lips of a lover? You bask against the rough bark of a sturdy tree. Motionless. At ease. A subtle smile. Half-closed eyes. Hair the color of ripened wheat. Each glimpse of you through my lens teases me more. Are you my subject, or am I yours? You pause, seemingly oblivious to my presence, lost in your dreamy reverie. Yet when I dare approach too closely, you scamper off as light as a feather, eluding me with fleeting laughter, a glance over your shoulder. Birds taunt me with their chatter. Branches sway as I pursue, but I am a mere mortal chasing a forest sprite. I could so easily lose myself in this verdant paradise…perhaps I will…

Creative boudoir musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado.

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