Colorado outdoor boudoir shoot adventurous woman
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Colorado outdoor boudoir shoot adventurous woman

She teases you with a beguiling smile, sends an invitation with her eyes. A picture of innocence, yet a provocative image of a woman-child. Unfettered by rules, she is as free as the instincts that guide her. Outdoor in her verdant forest playground, she runs and frolics. The trees are her refuge, the secluded meadow a boudoir where she sleeps beneath the stars and dreams of what you can only imagine. Daring you to follow, she plays hide and seek among patches of sunlit, mossy ground. Her footfalls are silent, her laughter a tinkling bell compelling you to follow. You run, straying deeper into her whispered domain of rustling branches and gentle breezes. The scent of pine is a powerful aphrodisiac, the feel of bark rough on your hands. You yearn to catch of glimpse of her, or a glint of sunlight in her hair. But this forest sprite leaves you behind, then casts a coy glance over her shoulder. Now you see me, now you don’t. Waiting for you to catch you, she leaps like a doe on supple limbs, tauntingly close, but ever evasive. She is freedom. And try as you might, you can never catch her.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado .

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