Outdoor boudoir photography adventurous sexy woman
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Outdoor boudoir photography adventurous sexy woman

Stunning outdoor boudoir photography captures the essence of a wild forest sprite. At one with nature, at home in her domain, the image teases with sensual promise, yet coquettish play. Bare branches hint at winter, mirroring the mane of hair flowing down her body like a tangled banner. Pale colors accentuate her alabaster curves, the soft light a caress on creamy skin. Who is she? She is a picture of wistful contemplation. Confident, seductive, free. She is what we all long to be. Unfettered by the weight of the world, stripped naked of our chains and masks. Her gaze teases you. Tempts you with the message in her eyes. Follow me. I can show you so many things. And we realize how badly we want to step into the photo… how badly we want to release our secret desires and run beneath open skies. To be bold. To proclaim ourselves as a magnificent animal. To revel in our primal essence. We hear the crunch of leaves beneath her feet. We smell the freshness of the air. She does not need to speak even though we long to hear her voice. But if we listen closely, we hear her siren’s song.

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Littleton, Colorado.

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