Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado black white
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Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado black white

Today I will drop the veil of past images and perceptions. Today I will shed the skin of the chains and burdens that have clung to me like a cold, foggy day. As I walk freely and joyfully through the majestic Colorado forest, I reveal my true face to the Denver outdoor boudoir photographer. I raise my face beyond the camera; to the sun and feel its warm kiss on my skin as she captures my newborn image. I inhale deeply the scent of pine, the perfume of soil and the fleeting whiff of flowers. The pulse of the Earth resonates through my feet, grounding me, energizing me, restoring me. I dance and spin like a dandelion puff floating and bobbing on a breeze. I am a feather caught in an updraft, swaying through the air like a miniature gondola. My smile sends an electric pulse through my body, energizing every cell, tingling through each pore. Is this what happiness feels like? Is the sunrise I witnessed this morning as it spilled over the mountains the dawn of my new day? I twirl once again and allow the veil to drop, only this time, as I walk naked into my future, I do not turn back.

Creative musings about boudoir portraits by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Eldora, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), outdoor boudoir (37).

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