Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado mountain stream
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Outdoor boudoir photography Colorado mountain stream

She struts her stuff like a fierce lioness. Feet planted firmly in the soil, astride the flowing stream of life… of energy… she stands tall. Hands on hips. Bold! Thighs spread. Brazen! Hear her roar! The image of a free spirit, she is proud, indomitable, the quintessential wild child. In this outdoor boudoir photo, we encounter the forest vixen, an alluring siren proudly owning her sexuality. Prowling through the lush, steamy forest, she moves with feline grace. Merges with the emerald green embrace of foliage. She sniffs the fragrant air, her footfalls silent on the mossy soil. Her eyes will snare you… lure you… to whatever fate you desire. Her body is spider silk waiting to weave you in a succulent trap. What picture of potent femininity is this? You try to follow, but she taunts you. Tempts you. Teases you. She pauses to cast a disdainful glance. Who are you to trespass on my domain? Are you worthy? But though you follow, you can never catch up. Never catch her. You drown in your own desire. You are primal. Instincts spur you. You want so much to be like her. To be free. To run through the forest… to be you…

Creative musings on outdoor boudoir photography by Diana Kemp (dianakemp.com)

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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