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Sexy brunette black white boudoir photography

I am a little girl again, running through yellow fields of daisies so brilliant they resemble droplets of sunshine. The strap of my floral sundress slips from my shoulder, but I don’t care. Barefoot, giggling, I turn in circles, the drowsy summer warmth embracing and kissing my skin with gold. My hair flies like a banner with each bounding step, and I inhale the heady scent of flowers and grass. Behind me, the Colorado indoor nude photographer races after me, her lens capturing my fleeting image. My laughter rises above the breeze, and I chase a black and orange butterfly with wings the texture of velvet. Birds serenade from the trees or soar through a sapphire sky peppered with cottonwood clouds. My heart brims with joy. The day is perfect, the memory a picture that will live forever in my mind. A kite surfs the air currents from the hill before me. I watch the dragon’s rainbow colors bob and shimmer, hear the flapping of its braided tail. I reach for it, hoping to grasp it with my fingers… hoping I can capture it and fly away to a magical land over the hills, above the clouds, so far, far away…

Creative photo musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Eldora, Colorado.

Keywords: black and white boudoir (51), outdoor boudoir (37).

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