Sexy confident redhead outdoor boudoir photography
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Sexy confident redhead outdoor boudoir photography

Earth daughter, child of nature, beautiful spirit at play in the wild. In your outdoor boudoir, you capture the uninhibited image of who we dream to be. Who we would become if we allowed ourselves to shed our masks and raise our faces to the warm embrace of the sun? Basking in the light in a swaying meadow of emerald and gold, inhaling the delicate perfume of flowers, her luscious curves contrast the roughness of the tree bark. A commingling of feminine and masculine. Soft and rough. Your hair cascades down your creamy back, a russet banner melting like a molten sunset. A swathe of teal silk encircles your goddess curves. Reflecting the sky, it caresses your porcelain skin and teases us with the promise of what a stray breeze would reveal… What do you see with eyes closed? Do you soar above your domain like a hawk riding the air currents? But we hear your voice no matter where we are… the whisper of the wind, the gurgle of a stream, the cry of an animal. If we approach, will you spring away like a gazelle on lithe limbs, pausing only to glimpse back at us over your shoulder?

Creative photo musings on outdoor boudoir by Diana Kemp (

Location: Colorado.

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