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Denver Photographers Chelsea Magness Wedding

Outdoor Wedding Photos in Colorado

They say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day and I couldn’t agree more. As a wedding photographer, I can certainly say that those overcast skies are a real asset for me. While it is always a joy to explore the Rocky Mountains on a sunny day and snap wedding photos under a vibrant blue sky, the often can be an obstacle for photographers. It is all too easy to get overexposed pics when the sun is shining too brightly overhead. Meanwhile, when the skies above Colorado darken, every color of the landscape intensifies. Snow white wedding dresses shine a bit brighter and the bold shades of wedding flowers glow radiantly.

On this moody afternoon at the Magness Family's private ranch in Pine, Colorado, the skies opened up but the outdoor-loving couple was ready for it. Of course, as every nature-loving explorer in Colorado knows, you’ve got to be ready for anything. You can see the sunshine, snow, and rain all in one day, whether you are in the mountains or on the plains. And that’s why it was no surprise then when the rain started falling and the couple had perfectly coordinated umbrellas ready to go for every guest at the wedding.

This is one of my favorite shots from the couple’s wedding album because it perfectly captures the feeling of the wedding day. As the rain fell, the groom held an umbrella high above the bride’s head as they made their love official with a romantic kiss during the storm. Surrounded by their friends and family beneath a striking cliff and thunderous skies, this wedding snapshot captures the drama and joy of the day.

Location: Pine, CO.

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