Boudoir Photos of Strong Women
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Boudoir Photos of Strong Women

The photography. The subject. Bold and brash. Brave and brazen. I am woman. And I am unconquerable. Eternal. Womb of the Earth. Woman…you strut like a glorious peacock, technicolor feathers spread in a picture of confidence. You stand tall and proud, gazing at the world from your sun kissed boudoir window, an image of seductive feminine power. Shoulders back, sculpted legs apart, you strike no ladylike pose, no girlish demeanor. Your heels are planted firmly on the floor, your haughty expression offering no apology. A queen standing on the parapet of your tower, you survey your domain with head held high and knowing smile. Look at me. I will not hide. I will not be silent. I will not obey. I will ride my stallion and strike you with my sword. I am many women. Many legends. I am a Viking warrioress. I am Morgana Le Fay. I am Boadicea riding in her chariot, weapon raised, hair a flying banner. No matter the era, no matter the country. My spirit roams oceans and continents. My legacy is immortalized in gold and stone. Minstrels have sung songs in my honor. Lovers have wept over poems whispering my name. Who am I? I am woman.

Creative photo musings on boudoir photo shoot by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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