Boudoir Style Photos in Denver, Colorado
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Boudoir Style Photos in Denver, Colorado

An Intense Boudoir Portrait

She is a study of perfect repose. A goddess on her throne. An image of mysterious sensuality. I capture not only her photo in this indoor boudoir shoot, but the infinity of her spirit.

This picture speaks more than a thousand words. It whispers innermost secrets. Forbidden desires. Come closer…if you dare… Let us get lost together… I capture the sweep of her red hair, note its fluid tumble past the cliffs of her back. The lens follows the serpentine curves of her body, each rise and fall like gently rolling hills. I almost envy the intimate caress of the black lingerie or a strap that could so easily slip from a satiny shoulder. What does this muse contemplate in her lair? Does she even notice me, or am I a mere shadow paying homage?

Creative musings on black and white boudoir style by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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