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Bridal Boudoir Photo Beauty Denver Colorado

I walked through a misty enchanted forest veiled in whispering rain and the musical gurgling of quicksilver streams. For a while, all I saw were drifting wisps of white and the fleeting sparkle of faeries until I saw you… drifting on a gossamer cloud undulating like a foamy sea. What an image awaited me… a mermaid in repose in her ethereal boudoir, alabaster curves beckoning a forbidden touch. There you lay on your dreamy shore, a picture of perfection no mortal dare gaze upon. Shielding myself with my lens, I captured your essence, hypnotized by a glint of golden hair, a tantalizing orb of breast, skin the color of buttermilk. My fingers speed up, my eyes barely blink in my feverish quest. I move around you slowly, a reverent supplicant worshiping her deity. Your jeweled eyes watch obliquely. I feel them like brands on my flesh. One photo becomes another, until I create a mosaic, a cream puff fantasy transformed into reality. Do you have a name? May I utter it in your presence? Or may I only bow in acknowledgement, unworthy of such a secret? Never mind. My lens will speak for me and snare you in its butterfly net.

Creative photo musings on bridal boudoir by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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