Perfect Composition of Gorgeous Plus Size Boudoir Model
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Perfect Composition of Gorgeous Plus Size Boudoir Model

If I were a song, what would the words be? If I were a picture, how would you paint me? What colors would grace the canvas? Would your brushstrokes be bold or bashful? Am I your still life image, sprawled inside your boudoir of filtered light and cushioned silence? Perhaps I’m an angel fallen from grace, alluring in virginal white, a temptress unleashed. Yet we are all photographers in one sense, capturing visions, glimpses of dreams, in the hopes of preserving fleeting moments in time. Every thought, every wish, becomes a dragonfly flitting just beyond our reach. We long to hold an ephemeral minute, to transform it into an eternity. Perhaps I will share that with your inquisitive lens. Perhaps I will allow your eyes to see. Isn’t that why I came here? I am the traveler. You are the destination. I wandered the desert like a caravanserai, but now I drink at the oasis and reveal my soul. So sing my song. Paint my portrait. I surrender to your scrutiny while I gaze into the future and dream. I’ll hitch a ride on a cloud and drift around the world, and then drift into the embrace of the stars beyond.

Creative boudoir photography musings by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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