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Plus Size Boudoir Photography Denver Colorado

Oh, lovely sea nymph, did the storm wash you ashore this secluded cove? Is your moonstone flesh damp upon your boudoir sheets of silken sand? We envy the pristine beach that claims your bed. Hovering like phantom seabirds above you, we gaze upon your perfect image, and like a photo, you remain eternally etched in our minds. Your hair flows in tidal ringlets, forming whorls of sea foam gold tresses that frame a face found only in dreams. And your body, a picture of seductive repose, ebbs and flows with tidal grace. We flutter above you, a wingspan away. Does your skin taste of the salty ocean? Is your voice the susurration of waves? How we long to dive into your limpid depths and swim among your kingdom. Is your throne the iridescent curve of an abalone shell, or do you reign among the glitter of jealously guarded treasure? But will you lure us too deep, beautiful mermaid? Perhaps it is too late. Perhaps we are already your captives, bewitched by your siren’s song, hypnotized by your eyes the color of sea glass. Tempted to awaken you, do we leave the firmness of land, forever to be lost in your turbulent embrace?

Creative musings on intimate photography by Diana Kemp (

Location: Denver, Colorado.

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