Breckenridge Colorado wedding photography outdoor bride
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Breckenridge Colorado wedding photography outdoor bride

Bridal Portraits

Of course, every bride is beautiful and it is easy to capture the life and happiness that radiates from these lucky in love ladies. That said, sometimes you find a dream setting, the perfect dress, and a stunning bride that simply stops the show. This drop-dead gorgeous bride wandering the forests of Breckenridge, Colorado has a truly enchanting quality. Her alabaster-white dress encircles her as the chiffon veil falls effortlessly behind her almost like the wings of angles. Her dramatic oversized wedding bouquet is an explosion of life with flowers in rich shades of pearl, cream, and ivory. The lush greenery that escapes behind bursts of flowers further connects her to the earthy surrounding and make her look perfectly at home. The delicate lace of her flowing wedding dress ever so subtly yet perfectly reflects the grassy pattern around her.

It is truly one of my favorite bridal shots because it appears to perfectly capture that final moment before the love of her life is at her side. She looks perfectly blissfully as she reaches her hand back and awaits for it to be held. What more perfect scene could you create before a wedding? Her journey through the forest, and through life, won't be alone for much longer.

When it comes to outdoor photography, this shot is a dream come true. It captures someone is what can only be described as a home away from home. Whether is a wedding outside of your family home or a destination on the other side of the world, it is all about captures a space that is perfectly you.

Location: BLM Road 34 0 Breckenridge, Colorado.

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