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Party Bus Wedding Photos Colorado Springs Colorado

Black and White Wedding Party Photo

As much as I love a romantic wedding photo shoot with the bride and groom, it is a blast getting to join in on the party. It is a chance to see the bride and groom relaxed and in their prime. Rather than posing smiles, I can capture authentic ones. In a way, seeing the bride and the groom simply enjoy each other’s company is more romantic than a posed couple photo, no matter how perfectly done.

That is why I jump at the chance to become a fly on the wall and shoot wedding photojournalism styles of wedding pics. On this wedding party bus in Colorado Springs, I got to share in countless laughs with the fun-loving bride, groom, and their extended crew of friends and family. The guys definitely made great use of the dancing pole in the back of the bus and showed off some impressive moves!

After talking to countless brides and grooms who spend months and sometimes even years planning every detail of their wedding, I always have to laugh when I hear the most memorable parts of the day. Was it walking down the aisle? Cutting the cake? Exchanging rings? Kissing for the first time as husband and wife? Not usually! While these big milestones come together to create a lovely wedding album, those key parts can blur together in the whirlwind days. Instead, it’s those moments of silly dances, funny speeches, and all of those unplanned and unforgettable moments that the bride, groom, and all of their guests will look back fondly.

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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