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Top Denver Wedding Photographers Mile High Stadium

Several months, weeks, days, and minutes before the wedding day, anxiety and stress will always be present. Most of the time, these not-so-positive emotions overpower the bride that all the energy and excitement will be snuffed out of her.

You really cannot blame this on anyone or anything. That is just the nature of wedding planning. The couple and everyone around them wants everything to work out perfectly.

A wedding is a wedding! It is a momentous event, one of the most important occasions in a couple’s lives that has to be as amazing as it can get. The couple, more than anyone else, wants that day to run smoothly and wonderfully. For this reason, they plan out everything intricately down to the last detail.

This causes so much stress for them. And that feeling is carried over to the day of the wedding. But this heavy feeling fades away instantly after the wedding ceremony. It’s always so magical how everything becomes lighter and more festive the moment the ceremony ends.

The Denver wedding photographer behind this image shows just how instantly all the stress of a wedding fades away after the ceremony. He captured this image of the newlyweds during the photo shoot right before the reception. Just look at how the two, with their whole entourage, run around Mile High Stadium like kids playing on a summer afternoon. There’s no sign of stress at all!

Location: 1701 Bryant Street Denver, Colorado.

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