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Beaver Creek Wedding Photography

In my countless year as a wedding photographer, I have taken tens of thousands of pictures. From outdoor wedding photos in the Rocky Mountains to shots of chic downtown Denver wedding venues, I have seen such a wide variety of special reception venues and unique wedding themes. Few wedding pics compared to this gorgeous shot though! Literally every time I see the pic of this bride's maid, it makes me smile. The happy new couple particularly loved this pic in their wedding album and I hope it makes them smile just the same for many years to come.

Ready for a winter wedding in Colorado, the chic bride's maid was wrapped up in gorgeous fur wrap and had classic velvet gloves paired with her dress to keep warm.

While getting first class wedding pic shots was nearly effortless with her stunning winter look, it was her adorable and fun personality that truly made this photography possible. Her fabulous sense of humor brought a spark to the marriage photography that we all loved. It reminded me that sometimes the most creative wedding photography is amazingly simple. To get a one of a kind wedding pic, you don’t need to hang from the side of a mountain or get married under the sea. Like your mom always said, you just need to be yourself!

Location: 136 E Thomas Pl, Beaver Creek, CO 81620.

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