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Broadmoor Hotel couple Colorado wedding photographer

Black and White Wedding Photography from The Broadmoor

The best wedding photos are often the simplest. Forget about all of the chic downtown wedding venues. Leave those Rocky mountain wedding photos aside for a moment. Sometimes for the perfect pic of the bride and the groom, it’s all about just relaxing, grabbing a seat, and flashing those pearly whites.

One reason you will find that the very best wedding photographers follow you around like a lost pup is because we never know where the perfect moments are going to present itself. Take this couple, for example.

This lovely bride and groom tied the knot at the much loved wedding venue in The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO. With a flawlessly executed wedding theme at a well-appointed property that is truly second to none in Colorado, it was easy to take beautiful outdoor wedding photos along with stunning indoor wedding pictures. One of the couples’ favorite shots of the entire wedding album (and mine too!) actually ended up being this casual shot of the pair hopping on the bus.

It was the kind of couples’ photo shoots that instantly transports you back to your high school days. You can just imagine this pair being those high school sweethearts that everyone loves and is completely green with envy over. Their beaming smiles light up even the most humdrum of spaces. We didn’t need to worry about finding the perfect photo shoot backdrop or fuss over the bride's dress. The two simply turned to look at me and I knew we had a perfect unique photo shoot of the happy lovebirds.

Location: 1 lake avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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