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Wedding photos Denver Colorado bride groom

The wedding dance is always a sight to behold because it’s a moment where the bride and groom are literally under the spotlight, enjoying their first dance as official spouses. Whether they’re dancing rehearsed or random steps, there’s always magic in this part of the occasion. It’s a touching moment for them and their guests because the couple can now relax and just lose themselves in the arms of each other after a pressure-filled ceremony.

However, the wedding photographer behind this photo was not satisfied with a wedding dance in the middle of the crowd. She chose to take this image of the wedding dance a notch higher by making it more genuine, more carefree, and more personal. This photo was taken after all the celebration has ended. What remains, as shown in the picture, is the couple.

The wedding photographer placed them in the center stage of the venue, with nothing else but beautiful tables and decorations around them. No single guest is here. It’s a magical moment where the bride laughs as she twists and turns, holding the arms of her husband. They dance together to the tune of their hearts and the music of their emotions. No pretension. No drama. Just the two of them enjoying this serene moment.

Location: 2000 Buchtel Blvd S Denver, Colorado.

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