Bride Groom saddleridge Colorado wedding photography
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Bride Groom saddleridge Colorado wedding photography

The best outdoor wedding photography is found in Colorado!

As a wedding photographer, I’m always searching for that perfect moment. In Colorado, the most beautiful part of every wedding day is when the sun starts to set behind the mountains. When you are in a lush forest on a perfect sunny day, you just know there no better wedding venues in Colorado! The dramatic Rocky Mountain landscape makes for a picture perfect backdrop for every bride and groom.

After a dream wedding reception at Saddleridge at Beaver Creek, the happy couple snuck outside to share a quiet moment together. Of course, as a wedding photographer, it was my job to chase behind! I was thrilled to find the perfect angle to highlight the beauty of the bride’s veil as it glowed in the sun. Capturing the rich colors and peaceful atmosphere of the couples’ stunning wedding venue, this wedding photo is one that they can cherish for a lifetime.

When it comes to finding the perfect pose for wedding photography, I always tell couples the same thing: forget about it! Forget about your wedding pics. Don’t think about me or all of the people inside the wedding reception venue. Just take a deep breath and appreciate the moment. Relish in the joy of your wedding and take this small slice of time to truly appreciate your new spouse. Once couples are able to get their head into the moment, everything changes. After a whirlwind day, my job as a wedding photographer is all about finding this second. When the bride and groom forget about the world to take in the beauty of the sweeping mountains of Denver and reflect on the moment, we’ve got an instant cover to their dream wedding photography album.

Location: 44 Meadow Lane Avon, Colorado.

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