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American bride Robert Evans wedding photography

An All-American Bridal Photo

From engagement photos to wedding day photography, I love making the bride feel like a movie star. As a wedding photographer, it is so rewarding to watch those delighted ladies take center stage and just completely light up the room.

When it comes to bridal portraits, it is all about capturing the essence of the bride. And, of course, every beautiful woman has more than one side. To snag those unique wedding photos that truly show the many faces of the happy wife to be, I try to create as many different settings as we can in a single wedding day.

Whether that means taking the bride to the mountains for outdoor wedding photos or capturing that bridal photography where the girls are all getting ready behind the scenes, it’s essential to arrange a wide variety of different wedding day photos shoots.

Of course, the most amazing wedding photos appear when you get the bride in her perfect element. After all, even the best wedding photographers in the world couldn’t get a good shot if it’s not the right setting.

As much as I love paparazzi-style wedding photojournalism, snapping those posed, ultra-perfect professional wedding photographs is such a joy. And, indeed, while we got some incredible candid wedding photography during her big day at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, I knew we needed an ultra glamorous bridal photo shoot with just the beautiful bride.

The bride and I were both enamoured with this classic Americana background (captured in black and white to add to the timeless feel). She looks like the gorgeous girl who launched a thousand ships or the leading lady of an epic film. And, most importantly, she looks like the star that she is!

Location: 1 Lake Avenue Colorado Springs, CO.

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