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Aspen Wedding Photographer Viceroy Hotel Snowmass

Black and white photos are so underrated that most people think it is lacking character. Some would not even spare a few seconds to appreciate black and white images, assuming inside their heads that these are lifeless photos that lack vibrance, hues, and tones. But this image of the couple right here might just make them think twice.

It is not true at all that black and white photos are lifeless and sad records of the moment captured therein or that these images cannot have a joyful ambiance. The wedding photographer behind this picture was in fact able to convey the happiness felt by this couple in the photo. Their wide smiles reflect the excitement they during this particular moment in time. Even the crowd is happy looking at them.

Every second of a wedding day is special for each moment is one that you cannot take back. All the smiles given, laughter heard, and meaningful tears shed will be part of a memorable day that centered on the love of the couple. So every image showing genuine emotions of the bride and groom and their loved ones will serve as a treasured relics reminding us of an important day.

Location: 130 Wood Rd Aspen, Colorado.

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