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Beanos Cabin wedding photography Beaver Creek Colorado

The photo's story ...

Funny moments in a wedding celebration are truly worth capturing. These images instantly bring a smile on the face as the couple remembers that happy moment on their big day.

This picture of the bride and her bridesmaids is an example of those images that will take you back to the exact moment when this fun-filled part of the wedding happened. The photo may be black and white, not vibrant or rich in color at all. But colors are not needed when you can feel from the image how festive the atmosphere was when this picture was taken.

The wedding photographer was able to combine artistry and fun when she captured this image. The girls were placed perfectly at the center of the photo, showing clearly the game they were engaged in. You can just imagine how the crowd laughed while looking at the bride and her bridesmaids pretending to finish off the whole bottle of wine.

In a very busy occasion such as weddings, it takes a talented and composed wedding photographer to even think of a creative shot like this. Executing it perfectly just like how the artist behind the lens did it is a proof that he is skilled in this art form.

The wedding day story ... Beano's Cabin Wedding: Out of all of the amazing Colorado wedding venues to choose from in the Rocky Mountains, Beano's Cabin in Beaver Creek is one of my favorite venues of all time! Truly, I have never had less than a fantastic, two thumbs up, over the top, amazing experience photographing there! Couples that choose that venue are always people that I have an instant report with, the weddings are always beyond gorgeous, and to top it off, I always get a really amazing dinner! HA!

Emily and Alex's wedding was no exception. And talk about lucky! We were minutes away from moving the ceremony inside due to intermittent rain showers, but the wonderful Beano's staff and the fantastic planners were watching the weather radar like hawks and saw an opening. We moved the ceremony up about 10 minutes and the timing was impeccable! Alex and Emily got to have their picture perfect outdoor ceremony outside with the mountain backdrop, just like they had always dreamed of, and their guests got to have the scenic experience that had been planned for them.

They planned their destination wedding with the help of the wonderful ladies from Bella Event Design & Planning. Emily, the owner, recommended me to the couple and after checking out my work online, they hired me without ever meeting me. We clicked instantaneously and I spent the day photographing them like they were old friends.

Before I dive into sharing their beautiful images (which I am over the moon about), I want to give thanks to all of the fabulous vendors that made this day so perfect. Vintage Magnolia provided the lovely floral arrangements, bouquets and boutonnieres. Mountain Flour provided the delicious wedding cake (I know because I tried it!). Diamond Empire Band rocked the house during the reception. And finally, a massive thanks to everyone at Beano's Cabin that provided 5-star service not only to the couple and the guests, but to all of the vendors too. Thank you also to my associate, Telly Weddon, for being a total trooper and a fantastic second shooter! We rocked it sister!

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Lastly, I just have to share a few words from the bride because these kinds of things are what keep me so inspired and passionate about what I do!

Hi Frances!!

First of all, we LOVE the photos!!! Could not be more happy with how they all turned out. You and Telly did such a fantastic job. We can't thank you enough! We can't stop looking through all the wedding photos over and over -- They all bring back such amazing memories and make us want to renew our vows already ;-) You captured everything perfectly!!! Our family and friends cannot stop raving about them either!

We will recommend you to anyone and everyone! Truly, we may be your biggest fans! :-)


Emily & Alex

Location: 15 W Thomas Pl Avon, Colorado.

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