Boettcher Mansion wedding photos by Denver Photographer
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Boettcher Mansion wedding photos by Denver Photographer

A one-in-a-million photo could be one where the couple is placed in front of a mountainous landscape with the rays of sun shining on them like a scene from a movie. But when you put a brilliant wedding photographer behind the camera, every venue, every landscape, every setup can be instrumental to an image that paints a thousand words.

This award winning wedding photo of the bride and groom right is an example of a shot that demands attention and exudes love at its finest. The bride looks so stunning in her wedding dress even when this is not even a close-up shot. You just know from the image that she looks magnificent. You can tell that from the look of her groom who just adores his bride up close.

And need we say more about the background? Its appearance speaks for itself. The lights hanging and arranged vertically, with a yellow fantastic glow make this photo magical and extraordinary. Even with the chairs in front, you can still feel love and fantasy by simply looking at this photo. The couple enjoys the moment that what’s happening does not looked rehearsed or directed at all.

Location: 900 Colorow Rd Golden, Colorado.

Keywords: Boettcher Mansion, Reign Magazine (7).

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