Bride and Groom Photos in a Denver Photography Booth
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Bride and Groom Photos in a Denver Photography Booth

Black & White Wedding Photos

Location: Downtown Denver Wedding Venue Blanc

There are so many things I love about this photo. I feel lucky to have captured this image of my couple getting selfies taken in a converted VW photo booth. The bride and groom had no idea I was in the shadows snapping photos of them. They're in their own little world enjoying each other's company after one incredible wedding.

One of the key tricks on how to get intimate looking wedding photographs is to make the couple feel at ease. After a magical wedding day, the couple starts to unwind as night falls. While it’s essential to get those morning shots with perfect bridal makeup and a well-pressed tuxedo, it is equally important to capture solo shots of the bride and groom at the end of the night. Creating a backdrop like this feels like we are all lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a romantic escape where the couple has stopped time. A true turn of the century glamorous gal meeting her knight!

Location: 3150 Walnut Street Denver, Colorado.

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