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Steamboat Springs Wedding Photography

During the many years I have spent as a wedding photographer, I’ve had countless couples come to me and ask the same question: where should we go for our photo shoot? In return, I always ask these couples a few questions back to help narrow down the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos. Their answers change everything.

When I ask brides and grooms in Colorado where they love to be more than anywhere else in the world, I pretty much always get the same answer. They all want to be walking, climbing, hiking, or biking through our picture perfect Rocky Mountains --- so that is precisely what we do! After all, what’s better than strolling through that perfect perfect vista with the love of your life? Well, how about doing just that on your wedding day?

After this gorgeous couple tied in the knot in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, we hit the mountain trails. Like a true Colorado girl, the bride grabbed onto her wedding train and hiked up the dusty mountainside path in her stunning wedding dresses. Relaxing in front of a mountainscape backdrop that is truly more striking than the best artist on earth could paint, the bride and groom were able to laugh and reflect on the big day. Of course, as a wedding photographer, this was my cue to snap that perfect shot of the couple.

We Denver wedding photographers are truly blessed to live in such a jaw-droppingly gorgeous space that is always ready for its next photo op. For couples, whether they are here for a destination wedding or call the Rockies their home, outdoor wedding photography is an absolute must for creating that dream wedding snapshot.

Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

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