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Broadmoor Hotel wedding photography Colorado Springs

Broadmoor Hotel Wedding Photography

The image tells a story ... A candid photo showing the excitement inside these bridemaids’ hearts as they look at the wedding dress their friend is about to wear for her big day. Looking at this photo, you can sense the joy these girls feel for the bride. They are in awe of the amazing dress, yet from the way they look at it, you can also paint a picture of the deeper thoughts they have inside their heads.

It’s not hard to analyze that the thought of their friend finally settling down is also starting to sink in. Whether they helped during the preparation or not, they know deep inside that they never would have imagined this day would come. It’s in this moment that they start recalling the most valuable times they’ve been with the bride for the past years of their friendship. Some of them have even been friends with the bride since they were little kids, and they can’t help but be emotional on the day of her marriage.

The sepia tone of the image applied by the Denver wedding photographer behind it makes the picture even more timeless. Eliminating all other colors make the audience focus on the emotions and the genuine moment captured at this time, and not on the other elements therein. This picture certainly paints a thousand words about friendship, joy, and anticipation.

Location: 1 Lake Ave Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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