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Broadmoor resort bride groom Colorado photography

Creative Wedding Photos

Throughout my career as a wedding photographer, I've always loved to play with angles. Often I find that a couple’s favorite wedding photos are often the ones that are a bit different from what they expected. No doubt it is essential to get those classic wedding shots of the bride and groom side by side smiling at the camera. Every good wedding album has a range of shots of the couple kissing, holding hands, and standing surrounded by family and friends.

Once we have checked off all of the boxes for a world-class wedding album, it is time to get creative. My goal is to give the happy couple a range of different shots that they weren’t expecting. Having those unique wedding photos is what makes their wedding photography package stand out from their friends and family’s albums.

I especially adore this couple’s wedding photo because it captures the bride and the groom together but separately in a way. As the beautiful bride gazes forward, you can take in the intricate details of her stunning lace wedding dress with its elaborate vine-inspired strap. At first glance, it almost looks like a bridal portrait. On the second look, the silhouette style pose of the groom comes to the forefront. You can take in the rich shades of his corsage against his crisp black and white tux. Separate but together, the snapshot of their special wedding day captures the essence of the pair.

At The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, we were spoilt for choice for perfect wedding photo backgrounds. However, as is so often the case, some of the very best shots simply highlight the beauty and happiness of the couple on their big day.

Location: 1 Lake Avenue Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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