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Brown Palace Wedding Photos Top Denver Photographers

A wedding photo shoot. When you hear of this phrase, a lot of things will run inside your head. Beautiful landscapes, a pretty bride, a neat and handsome groom, sweet kiss from the newlyweds, touching images of guests listening to vows and wedding speeches. These are only some of the few things that come to our minds when we think about wedding photography.

But Denver photographers know that there’s a lot more to this art than just the result that you see in photos. This form of art is not like painting where you only need objects to create an artwork. In wedding photography, you need to master the art of communication, the skill to identify which landscape or backdrop will complement and not overpower the bride, groom, or any subject for that matter. Most importantly, you have to talk to the couple in such a way that they will look natural and in love in the photos.

That’s why we can’t help but admire the artist behind this image who was able to direct the newlyweds in such a way that they won’t look unnatural in the photo. Aside from that, she was also ale to use the huge floral image on the glass to frame the couple wonderfully in this beautiful wedding photo.

Location: 321 17th Street Denver, Colorado.

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