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Chelsea Magness Groom Colorado wedding photographer

Don't Forget Pictures of the Groom

Who says it’s all about the bridal portraits? As a professional, some of my favorite wedding day photography is with the guys. While it is fun to capture the girls getting glammed up during the bridal photo shoots, I love hopping over to the guys’ side for some prenuptial shots.

Of course, when it comes to pre-wedding photography sessions, it is all about capturing that behind the scenes magic. The goal of candid wedding photography is to capture the feeling of those final moments before the couple walk down the aisle. It is such an emotional time that is sometimes forgotten in all of the non-stop madness and excitement of the day. From emotional intimate moments of reflection to just having a laugh with the wedding party, the morning of your wedding day is such a special time.

One surefire trick to getting a dream wedding photo album is to set up a few special bridal party photo shoots. While we all love those romantic photo shoots, it is just as important to capture the special time with the wedding party. For brides and grooms, I always try to capture the bonding time between the ladies as well as the guys.

To get a unique wedding party picture, I always ask couples what they do on a girls’ night out or when it’s just the boys. Of course, for Denver weddings, that answer very often involves the great outdoors. Whether it's hiking, fishing, or just soaking in the gorgeous mountainscape, there is nothing better than an outdoor photo shoot for nature lovers. That was especially true to this lucky in love fisherman. The bride, along with the grooms’ family and friends, adored this candid shot of the groom doing what he loves at this private ranch in Pine, Colorado.

Location: Pine, Colorado.

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