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Creative Wedding Photography

Sometimes the best wedding photos are not quite what the couple was expecting. While we all love to see those lovely snap shots of the bride and groom kissing or surrounded by their family and friends, it is also essential to get a few creative shots. The best wedding albums feature unique wedding day pictures from perspectives you might not expect.

As all of their friends and family held up a glass to honor this beautiful couple at a private ranch in Pine, Colorado, I captured this shot with the champagne flute in the front and center. While the bride and groom are not the focus of the shot, you can see them smiling in the background. You can soak in the romantic candlelight that surrounded them. Even in black and white, the shot has a warmth that you can almost feel.

What I love about this special picture is that, after many great couple’s photos of the happy pair, this photo takes on a different light. A minimalistic black and white wedding shot, this photo says one simple thing: happiness. The shot captures in a time a special moment of celebration that the couple will cherish for a lifetime.

The couple tied the knot at an outdoor venue in Pine on a rainy Colorado afternoon. After getting one of a kind wedding ceremony pics, the indoor reception was the perfect place to highlight the warm and inviting space where the couple shared a lovely meal and, of course, celebratory champagne!

Location: Pine, Colorado.

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