Cherokee Ranch and Castle Wedding Photos
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Cherokee Ranch and Castle Wedding Photos

In a stress-filled wedding day, with a lot of people roaming around, trying to play their part in this important occasion, it’s not easy to think with clarity. Wedding photographers and vendors will agree that most marriage ceremonies and receptions feel like a battlefield. You have to do what you’re expected to do as a wedding vendor, but everything seems to go against the plan.

Nevertheless, you have to deliver quality photos at the end of the day. There should not be any trace of negativity, pressure, or stress in every image you capture. Above all, there should be that one photo that stands out from all the rest, one that will make the couple feel grateful for hiring you as their wedding photographer.

This image is that one photo that does not look like any other. Thanks to the wedding photographer’s creative idea and the unique elements herein. This photo features the silhouette of the bride and groom against a beautiful backdrop. This silhouette of the couple giving a sweet nose-to-nose pose, against the lovely sunset sky is breathtaking. What’s magical about this image is that even without seeing the faces of the bride and groom, it reveals that they are a gorgeous couple. The flag above the building adds even more drama to this already amazing photo.

Location: 6113 Daniels Park Road Sedalia, Colorado.

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