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Colorado wedding photographer lesbian couple

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Wedding days are anything but dull. As a wedding photographer, no matter how many weddings I attend, I am yet to find one that is a dull affair. As couples embark on one of the most important steps of their lives, it’s a day filled with emotion. It is a day marked by anticipation, excitement, laughter, and tears of joys. You can just feel the dramatic atmosphere in the air.

At each and every wedding, my mission is to capture it all. I find that I often get the very best wedding photographs when I can sneak into those intimate moments between a couple. It is those times when I can quietly watch and immortalize those moments of true connection between two people. More than just another posed couple’s photos with a perfect background, those behinds the scenes private moments of the couple really engaging each other (and letting the magic of the moment soak in!) are my time to snap away.

As the brides tie the knot in Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, Colorado, there were countless gorgeous backdrops. The stunning Rocky Mountains set the stage for a perfect outdoor wedding photo shoot. There were many magical places and we were able to capture a dream wedding photo album. As much as I love all of the different wedding days pics, this is one of my favorites.

I didn't bother to capture the lovely view of the surrounding resort. I didn’t wait for the bride to fix her makeup. I didn’t even wait for the couple to look at me or give that important wedding day kiss photo. Instead, I snapped a shot of the couple truly connecting. The bride’s smiling face lights up the space while the other is overcome with tears of joy. We can only imagine the romantic moment or inside joke that they are stuttering. Instead, we leave that special moment for only them to know.

Location: 209 Ten Mile Circle Frisco, Colorado.

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