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Colorado wedding photographer same sex marriage

Same Sex Wedding Photography

Working as a wedding photographer in Denver, I always jump at the chance to do an outdoor photo shoot. Even if I could take an outdoor wedding photo in the Rocky Mountains every day for a decade, it would still be easy to find more breathtaking vistas. Every time I visit a new outdoor wedding venue in the Colorado mountains, I find another gorgeous angle.

It’s more than just visiting different wedding venues and reception halls. The Rockies have their own distinct personality and mood that goes beyond the location. You can visit the same spot on a sunny day then on an overcast afternoon to experience two distinct types of beauty. Summer and spring in the mountains take on their own unique atmosphere, while the famous snowy winters and colorful autumns are special in their own ways.

This stunning lesbian couple tied the knot at the Copper Mountain Resort in Frisco, Colorado on a moody summer day. The ever-changing sky lit up in shades of cobalt and indigo blues that cast a dramatic shade on the mountains, which took on an almost steely blue tone. The changing summer skies turned the landscape saturated shades of moss, ferns, and forest greens.

Location: 209 10 mile Circle Frisco, Colorado.

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