Colorado Wedding Photographer at Wiens Ranch
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Colorado Wedding Photographer at Wiens Ranch

We know that the bride is the star of the wedding. Although this occasion is a celebration of two people’s love for each other, the bride is and will always be the most beautiful part of it. Luckily, no groom will complain about this, because he knows that at the first sight of his love walking down the aisle in a gorgeous wedding dress, he will be the first one to fall under her spell.

This picture captured by a Denver wedding photographer may not show the face of the bride but you can assume from her figure and the intricate styling of her hair, that she will be a sight to behold once she walks down the aisle.

This black and white image was captured during the bride’s preparation. It shows the scene where her bridesmaids help her close the back of her wedding dress. The photographer behind this image was quick and creative to frame the image proportionally, with the bride in the middle as the main focus. The hands of her bridesmaids served as the leading lines to the main subject of the photo. Its black and white setting silenced all the distractions, so that all the attention will be shifted on the bride.

Location: 5567 S Perry Park Rd Sedalia, Colorado.

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