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Colorado Wedding Photographer Wiens Ranch Wedding Photo

After all is said and done in a wedding, the guests would bid their goodbyes to the couple one by one. The wedding venue will slowly revert back to it original state and the music will start to fade away. But one thing remains to be alive and vibrant even when the last venue light turns off - that is the newlyweds’ passionate love for each other.

This photo right here shows just how vibrant that love is. Even without the wedding guests; without a single sign of a festive ambiance that usually surrounds a wedding ceremony and reception; no grand wedding decoration highlighted; or delicious food shown, the atmosphere of love can still be felt in this wedding photo.

The Colorado wedding photographer behind this image should be applauded for being able to showcase that love of the couple even without a grand background or a cheering crowd. This newlyweds’ kiss on a bright and cool afternoon is just so wonderful. The couple was positioned right under the sun, which adds magic to the image.

It is undeniable too that those bulbs hanging above the couple are great elements that frame these lovers so perfectly. The overall composition of this wedding photo is worthy to be praised.

The story of the wedding day and couple ... A gorgeous country chic Wiens Ranch Wedding with a fantastic team of vendors was a highlight of my 2015 wedding season. It doesn't happen very often that I photograph a wedding at a venue in Colorado that I haven't been to before, but it's always fun when it happens. Wiens Ranch turned out to be the perfect location for the wedding that Lauren and Kyle dreamed of. When I met them the first time, Lauren told me she wanted her wedding to be the fanciest backyard BBQ their guests had ever seen. And that it was important for them that everyone have an absolute blast. I would say that they accomplished both goals with flying colors.

Lauren and Kyle had a very sweet and very emotional first look and then we spent about 10 minutes walking around and taking a few more bride and groom portraits. They were both very much interested in spontaneous and photo-journalistic images so we kept the posed formals part of the day short and sweet. This is my preference too! The wedding date also happened to fall the day before the incredibly rare "Blood Moon" super-moon eclipse. After the ceremony was over and everyone had a few cocktails in them, Lauren and Kyle were game for another quick round of romantic photos with that amazing moon in the background! It's amazing what can be accomplished in 10 minutes. These photos are definitely my favorite images from the whole day.

I always love working with vendors that I have great respect for and this wedding had a major A-team lined up. Heather Allen, from Table 6 Productions planned and helped design this wedding flawlessly. Great job Heather!!! And the Perfect Petal knocked it out of the park with their insanely gorgeous florals everywhere. The Catering by Design team created an ambiance that was to die for inside the beautiful barn. I have never seen anything quite like it! And that's not even talking about their amazing food! I can't say that I have ever seen a pretzel wall (a highlight at cocktail hour) at a wedding before either. And DJ Ripm had the dance floor hopping well into the night. Everyone had an amazing time and I wouldn't have changed a single thing!

Finally, to Lauren and Kyle: Thank you for being so wonderful to work with and for your easy going attitudes. We loved everything about your wedding day and were honored to be there to capture it all for you. I wish you all the best in your lives now and always!!

Location: 5567 S Perry Park Rd Sedalia, Colorado.

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