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Colorado Wedding Photographers Sanctuary Golf Course

How we adore kids during weddings, right? They wear those cute formal dresses with natural makeup on. They are already pretty as they are but they are even made prettier for this momentous occasion.

Just look at these two adorable girls in pink dresses. It’s hard not to fall in love with their overall look as flower girls for this wedding. Aside from their individual physical appearance, what makes this photo even more lovely is the way these two girls look at each other.

They seem to be besties who are excited to play their roles as flower girls and walk down the aisle moments after this image was captured. While some girls their age would feel irritated having to wear formal dresses for the wedding, these two look so comfortable and happy. They seem to be ecstatic that they are playing important roles in this wedding.

Some kids would even refuse to hold a simple flower, but these little ladies here are carrying their baskets of bouquet confidently and gracefully. From the looks of these two flower girls, you can assume that they will not be a problem later as they walk down the aisle when the wedding ceremony starts.

Location: 7549 N Daniels Park Rd Sedalia, Colorado.

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